31 May 2013

1st @ Last 5/31/13

Post Script

This is where I'm taking a break from 1st @ Last. So, you can look 
at this as the end of a story arc.
I want to come back to it, but I'll slide Comic Journal updates into it's
time slot for now.
I'm looking at coming back to the title, sometime this September, if not sooner.

This first run of pages has reacquainted me with my old characters.
They are still mostly how I imagined them to be when I first thought of them
years ago, but they also surprised me a few times. 
There's plenty of stories I want to tell with them, but I'd like to work on writing 
them out and illustrating the stories a bit better, since I'm not satisfied with
the current efforts. 

Thanks to all the people who have hung in and read the story. I know it's a bit 
frustrating following along the story with the way the comic-blog is set up.



WEKM said...

I just get more confused, yet more addicted to these guys every week.
You really do love tweaking my OCD about not knowing the ending to a story, don't you?
I swear, if it wouldn't drive me absolutely nuts not knowing, I would stop reading. So go ahead and laugh at me for being hooked on your story. YES, I am a 1st @ Last junkie, and I will find a way to get my revenge some day.
You evil bastard you.

Jim Huntsman said...

Thanks for reading!

It doesn't seem to be as popular as the other titles I post, but I'm glad you're enjoying it. :-)

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