31 December 2010


Two things I have a strong interest in, I can directly attribute to my Mother.
 Riding motorcycles, and drawing. 

I got my first black eye at the age of two or three years old, 
when I slipped and fell off my Mom's Harley Davidson. 
The fall wasn't so bad, but the sudden stop my face made 
on her nearby parked VW Beetle, sure was. Besides the black eye, 
I was just fine. So began my long, perverse, lust for riding motorcycles.

The first time I picked up a pencil, (about a year or two after my first black eye?)
 with a interest of drawing something I'd seen, 
was after watching Mom doodle funny looking creatures on her note pad, 
while she talked on the phone. I was blown away with the idea of 
marking  paper with a bunch of orchestrated lines that produced a 
coherent image. Shortly after, I began trying to copy the doodles. 
Since then, I went on to drawing many other things to this day. 

Thanks Mom.

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